Image Access Widetek 36Cl Cis

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  • High quality 36" inch CCD scanner with touchscreen

  • Speed : 200 dpi - 22.9 m/min (15 inch/s)

  • Scans up to 36 inches (915 mm) in width, 1200 x 1200 dpi scanner resolution, Face up scanning (no more "blind"scanning)

  • 1 GBit Fast Ethernet with TCP/IP based Scan2Net(R) interface

  • Scan2Net software included

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    Image Access
    Image Access

    Image Access est leader sur le marché des technologies en développant et distribuant des scanners grand format (à plat) et des solutions de numérisation innovantes.

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    A true standalone system at the lowest possible price

    The WideTEK® 36CL-600 is by far the fastest color CIS scanner on the market, running at 10 inches per second at 200 dpi in full color. 

    At the full width of 36"" and 600dpi resolution, the scanner still runs at 1.7 inches per second. Grayscale and binary speeds are doubled, but are limited to 10ips to ensure safe paper handling.

    It is a true standalone system capable of scanning directly to FTP servers, hot folders, USB drives, to cloud applications in the internet or copying to printers directly, without the need for an extra PC.

    The WideTEK® 36CL-600 processes documents up to 38 inches wide with a maximum scanning width of 36 inches. The scanner is a standalone system, which is capable of scanning to FTP servers, hot folders, USB mass storage devices, cloud applications on the Internet or copy directly to a printer without an additional external PC.  

    The WideTEK® 36CL produces extraordinarily sharp images, with color accuracy even superior to competing CCD scanners.

    Document rotation is done on the fly, a scan of an E-sized / A0 document in portrait mode at 300 dpi in 24bit color takes less than 6 seconds to scan and another 2 seconds to crop & deskew, preview and store.

    Résolution optique : 1200
    Connexion : USB 3.x, LAN
    Interface PC et connexion: Compatible Linux
    Taille de documents : 36"
    Largeur max des documents : 915
    Longueur max des documents : 965
    Dimension (L x H x P mm) : 170 x 1088 x 358

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